Asbestos Consulting、 Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Inspection, Asbestos Survey.

Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor or a restoration company, Paradise Environmental offers asbestos testing services to fit your needs:

  • AMQD Rule 1403 renovation or demolition surveys

  • City permit asbestos requirements

  • Notice to Comply violations

  • Procedure 5 Plans & Inspections

  • Asbestos abatement scopes of work

  • ​​Fire Loss, fire damage, or complete loss inspection for damaged asbestos.

We are licensed and certified by DOSH and follow protocols as designated by OSHA, DOT, Cal/OSHA, SCAQMD, NIOSH, NVLAP, and AHERA

Asbestos HVAC ducting, Asbestos Testing at a fire damage loss in the California Wildfires. 

Asbestos Fire Loss Testing, Asbestos Testing at a fire damage loss in the Orange County. Rule 1403 for

damaged asbestos

Asbestos can be found in roll linoleum    

and/or the mastic glue which hold it        

down.  This particular linolum was           

negative, the glue was also negative,      but the flooring underneath was positive.

Asbestos can be found in glue down      squares and/or the mastic.  Here, the     flooring was negative, but the black      glue was positive.                                   

Asbestos can be found in Corrugated Roofing, Roll Roofing, Glue Down Roofing, Felt underlayment, shingles, and many other types of Roofing. The reason it was used so much was, it is cheap, heat, and fire resistant, chemical resistant, and plus, that may have been the only choice back then. Asbestos roofing is still sold and used in many countries.  Becareful to test your roofing before cutting into it or re-roofing as the SCAQMD can site with a "Notice to Comply".                                 

Asbestos can be found in the Black Mastic or any color Mastic that holds down the roof tiles, or the scupper area. Asbestos can be found between the layers of roofing or felts, as they also have this black mastic.   Always have it tested before you begin a project.                                 

Asbestos can be found in newer roofs or older roofs. Asbestos can still be purchased if your not careful. So you will be removing asbestos roofing and then putting asbestos right back onto your roof, because you purchased or used a 5 gallon bucket of "Henrys"  .  How can a roof or a house built in 2006 have asbestos?  We found the answer when we found the bucket of Henry's, with the label that says " Naturally Occuring Minerals"   AKA asbestos. 

Please go to the Rule 1403 page at and notice that the SCAQMD doesnt specify a year in which a test is not needed. They dont specify a cut off year.   Becareful.                              

Asbestos around the world

Asbestos found in strange places here in Southern California.

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