Mold Testing and Consulting

Paradise Environmental mold tests go beyond what many other testing companies provide.  Ours include laboratory analysis, thermal imaging, moisture indicators, borescope testing, cavity checks, visual inspections, photos and attic and crawl space inspections (if applicable).  We feel this is the only approach that gives customers relevant, reliable and actionable findings.

We offer several options to fit your needs:

  • Post Remedial Mold Testing/Clearances are typically requested by restoration companies, HOA's and insurance claims to verify that the areas have been remedied and spore levels are acceptable. This service includes air testing, visual cleanliness, moisture verification, written mold survey and a certificate.

  • Non-Investigatory Mold Testing is the testing most people need when they suspect they have a mold problem.  It includes moisture metering, visual inspection of areas, air testing and/or lift tape sampling.  A written mold survey is provided with a certificate, if applicable. 


  • Investigatory Mold Testing is an invasive, more thorough form of testing typically reserved for severe situations where a comprehensive scope of work is required.  It includes everything offered in the non-investigatory mold testing plus opening up suspect areas exhibiting moisture or other signs of mold colonization.  Paradise Environmental does not include, nor perform repair of the areas tested.

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